Dillon’s Tao of the Artist’s Mastery pt.1



Information…in-formation…in-form...to internally form. When presented with information, there becomes an opportunity to build an experience within ourselves.  Information paired with a strong sense of self-awarenessis the greatest tool that any artist can utilize.  The role of an artist is to translate an experience (information), and the more in tune the artist is within themselves (self-awareness) can they accurately portray what was intended to be expressed.  I do not claim to be a teacher; I am but a humble student sharing notes.  Throughout the years of being a musician I have stumbled across important concepts that have not only aided me in the growth of my craft, but also as an individual.  I present these ideas to you in hopes that they will assist in your personal growth as they have done for me.

      -Understanding the Why-


Every manifestation of art is emerged from, and driven by intent, the origin of all actions.  Every day we are confronted with ‘Why?’ and the more in tune we are with this source, the quicker our art will expand to the farthest of reaches.This ‘Why’ beholds an endless array of reasons and each one will give unique shape and form to your art, your life.  It plays a crucial role to any outcome, whether it be artistic or as simple as studying for a final exam.  The goal here is to develop a sense of self awareness that coincides with our everyday decisions.  The more conscious you are with your reason, the more likely an outcome will line up with your expectations.  As an added bonus, this will also strengthen your sense of discipline even if your expectations are not met;because you know, life loves its curveballs.


        -Don’t forget to breathe-


When it’s natural, you don’t hold your breath, it’s as simple as that.  This is the key to fluency and fluidity of your art.  When engaging in a challenging activity, whether you’re learning a new song, or playing Call of Duty, there is a tendency to hold your breath.  This tenses the body, prevents calm fluid movements, and proper execution.  Not only does it hinder capabilities, but it also facilitates bad habits.  Let’s look at it this way.  Muscle memory is developed through repetition of action.If you’re holding your breath, your body will stiffen up and become tense.  So by doing this you will condition your body to this habit, which aren’t easy to break.  It’s important to note here that these physical habits can actually lead to injuries.  So the next time you’re doing something challenging, focus on your breathing patterns.  Always breathe with your art and I guarantee your progress in technique will improve swiftly.


 -The listener, the observer, the audience-


For every medium of art, there is an audience.  It is the goal of the artist to direct and conduct the experience of the engaged observer(s).  To hone this craft, the artist must experience and understand the role as the audience.  To be a musician, one must listen to music; to be a chef, one must taste a variety of delicacies, and to be a director, one must watch film after film after film.  By developing your self-awareness as the observer, the subtleties and nuances of the artistic medium begin to unravel, becoming important tools for presenting your art.   With these newfound discoveries, you canhone the flow of creating an empathic experience for your audience.  Never forget, before we learned to speak, we’ve learned to listen.

            -The Decrescendo-


I hope that these words of advice can be utilized not only for your passionate craft, but also in the everyday tasks that life obliges us to.Art is a translation, and interpretation of life itself, and emerges from what others may sometimes view as the mundane.  Before you know it, cooking is almost no different from music, or writing a book is no different from painting.  It is with this understanding that a guitar player grows into a musician, a painter to an artist, the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have and if needed, may even answer your questions with musical accompaniment in our weekly video series on Facebook.  These concepts can evolve to further discussions and discoveries.   Mahalo nuiloa and this is Dillon O’Claray sounding off.