Treasure Hunting with Metalhead Fred

One of the biggest parts of my upbringing in Hawaii was buying and selling at the local swap meet every weekend. I learned a lot from my grandpa just by watching him sell his old school Singer treadle sewing machines that he picked up at storage auctions. He was so good at the hustle that he even traded sewing machines with his doctor for "sample" prescription medications. I don't remember him actually ever paying for his medications. Apparently, he was also a ladies' man with the old Filipino Nanas and many of them were repeat customers. How many sewing machines does one grandma need? More than one, I suppose.

My father, at one point in time, was also an office furniture salesman. He would bring home old used furniture and we would reupholster them to sell that at the swap meet. I was always surrounded by the hustler mindset so it was easy for me to adopt.

Anyways... I just want to share with you some of my recent top bargain finds.


1965 Goya T-16 Grandpa's Guitar

Seller was asking $75. Of course, you NEVER pay the asking price even if their asking price is more than fair. Pointed out some nicks and dings here and there and there was a slight bow in the neck so I factored in a the cost of a setup.

Paid $30


Home Decor

Seller was only asking $25 which, again, is more than reasonable for a sign of this size despite lacking a power plug. There was no way of testing it out to see if it worked or not, so I used that to my advantage. Took it home, found a plug that fit, powered it up. It worked like a charm. I intend to flip this bad boy.

Paid $10


Kickass Short Sword

Found this sick sword in a box of kitchen utensils. I can only imagine somebody using this in a kitchen to prepare a meal. Other than that, I know absolutely nothing about it except that it's stamped "Made in Pakistan".

Paid $5


Lemmy's Autographed Photo

Some dude that probably bought a storage locker unit at auction started pulling a bunch of crap out of his U-Haul when this gem literally flew out of a box thanks to a gust of wind. Thanks Sarah!

Paid $1


Born to Rock Alf Puppet

There's always room for nostalgic finds. I grew up watching Alf. Yea, I'm old... Wanna fight about it? Anyways, I found this guy in a box of crap a seller was going to donate to the Goodwill because they thought nobody was gonna buy it. Boy, was he wrong. My face lit up when I pulled this out of the box and he noticed.

Paid with joy and laughter

The people closest to me know that I'm pretty good at finding great deals on just about anything. There's no big secret to finding treasures though. It's all about (sweet)talking and having a price in mind that you want pay. Stick to your guns and even flirt if you have to. People are motivated by money and the need to feel good so make sure you keep that in mind while negotiating.