Top 5 guitar companies to watch for in 2018


Guitars. Need I say more? You love them, we love them, and what’s not to love really? In the spirit of the rapidly approaching new year, we figured we’d compile a list of our top 5 g.a.s. (Gear acquisition syndrome) inspiring guitar companies to keep your eyes on in 2018. 


 No 5: Overload Guitars (Italy)


Our fist stop on the way to gas town is a custom shop in Rome. Overload Guitars, led by their master at arms Matteo, are producing some of the finest quality instruments at  manageable prices. These instruments are truly spec-tastic! You can get everything from custom inlays, to 11 ply necks, to evertune bridge systems, and so, so much more. Head over to and bookmark the page. You won’t want to miss the spectacular instruments Overload produces. 


No 4: Ormsby Guitars (Australia)


Oh Australia. Nature’s danger room. Even their guitar companies deliver leathal doses of gas. Led by the master luthier Perry Ormsby, the folks at Ormsby guitars are spearheading the fanned fret revolution. Aside from being one of the best custom shops on the planet, they also offer a production line guitar from the famous World Instruments factory in S. Korea. Ormsby also does semi custom guitar runs from time to time at dramatically reduced prices! Head over to to check out what magic Perry has in the works! 


No 3: Lionheart Guitars  (Indonesia)


In the past, Indonesia has had a pretty bad rep in the guitar community. We’ve all heard or seen the horror stories of the subpar Ibanez premium line. Do not fret! Lionheart Guitars is here to set the record straight! Lionheart Guitars is a full custom shop owned and operated by master luthier Kem. Lionheart Guitars is one of the few companies on this planet that can literally drops our collective jaws. Kem produces guitars that push the envelope of Luthierie to its furthest reaches. Between the amazing inlay work and overall build quality, these instruments are truly mind blowing. If Lionheart isn't a company on your radar, then you haven’t been paying attention. Head over to and check out the magic gas inducing instruments Kem has to offer!


No 2: Aristides Guitars (Netherlands)


Welcome to the future people! Aristides guitars are literally the product of over 20 years of scientific research and development. A team of Dutch scientists in collaboration with Technical University Delft analyzed the cell structure of high quality woods in an attempt to create a material with the perfect acoustic properties, thus Arium was born. Notably Arium is not wood. It’s a composite resin material. This means your guitar won’t suffer from the inconsistencies of wood. This guitar won’t warp and is more resistant to humid climates, perfect for those of us who live in a wetter climate. Head over to for a more comprehensive look at Arium and The wonderful instruments produced with it. 


No 1: Daemoness Guitars (UK) 


ladies and djentlemen. Number 1 on our list had to be the one and only Daemoness Guitars. Throughout history, human beings have been able to accomplish wonderous things: The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, landing on the moon, and now the Daemoness  Cimmerian. Our dark lord and master luthier Dylan Humpfries combines form and function in perfect unison to produce instruments that are not only functional, but art as well. The care that goes into each HAND PAINTED instrument is truly insane! From the custom hand painted controll cavity, to the amazing hand painted body artwork, to the absolutely unbelievable inlay work, to the incredibly rare wood selection, these guitars are truly the best humans have ever been able to achieve. We can’t even really do this company justice so go to and see the luthier infernum’s work for your self. 




2018 is going to be another great year for guitars! Keep your eyes and ears on these guitar builders, and you’ll be sure to have enough gas to keep you groaning throughout the year!